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Our Process

The PMC Process

STEP 1Free Quote & Book Your Date

PMC will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote on the spot if possible, or within 7 days after meeting. If you are satisfied with the quote you received, contact us to book an approximate date for your project. A $1,000.00 non-refundable deposit and a signed copy of the Estimate/Warranty is required for all bookings. Deposit amount will be put towards the final invoice.

PMC Concrete blueprints

STEP 2Design

Bring your ideas to life! A second discussion with the homeowner is when PMC will go over the scope of the work to ensure everyone is on the same page. Colour and pattern options will be discussed at this time, if required.

PMC Concrete removal

STEP 3Locates & Excavation

Before work can begin, all locates must be cleared. This process involves contacting the necessary governing bodies responsible for the underground utilities and obtaining clearance to perform the planned work. Once clearance is received, we can begin. Homeowners can complete this step by visiting or calling 1-800-400-2255.
The excavation crew starts by studying the plan and the locates. Excavation is performed by mini ex, skid steer, and hand tools. During the excavation process there are times when materials are placed on the street, however, by the end of the day all debris is cleaned up.

PMC Concrete preparing dirt on driveway

STEP 4Grading

If the base is not existing, the grading process will entail bringing in the granular base to the property either by machine or wheelbarrow. The crew will spread the base to ensure there is an adequate granular base as per the specs. The gravel provides drainage directly underneath the concrete slab. The final step of the grading process is to compact the gravel with a heavy plate tamper. This will provide a sturdy base for when the concrete is poured.

PMC Concrete under wiring

STEP 5Forming

The forming crew brings the plans to life. The crew will frame the shape and size of the work based on the agreed design. At this stage, slopes and water run off is considered. 

PMC Concrete wiring

STEP 6Rebar & Wire Mesh

The crew will install the rebar and/or the wire mesh above the compacted granular base. PMC uses; 9 gauge wire mesh on walkways and driveways and 15m rebar in steps. The rebar ensures that the concrete stays together for years to come throughout all the freeze/thaw cycles.

PMC laying backyard concrete from truck

STEP 7Concrete Pouring & Placement

The crew begins by ensuring all forms are clean of debris. The crew will then place the concrete within the forms. The concrete will get screed to the desired elevation while the finishers constantly check slopes and grades. The concrete finishers pass the necessary floats and trowels to ensure the concrete is finished to the desired surface finish. For stamped concrete, first a release powder is used, and then the stamps are applied to the slab. The release powder gets washed off the next day. 

PMC Concrete work in progress power washing driveway

STEP 8Cutting, Washing & Curing

This is often the loudest and messiest part of the job. Structural control cuts must be scored into the concrete. The crew will first assess all the possible stress points (corners most likely to cause cracking) and create a grid from those points. Cuts may not be of equal shape and size due to irregularities in the shape of homes and the work itself. Please ensure you close your windows, and ask your neighbours to do the same, as the cutting can create large amounts of dust. The crew will then spend considerable time cleaning/washing your property and areas that may have been affected by our work.