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Design Options


Choose from a colour palette designed and tested by experts to complement any finish. Choose more than one colour to provide contrast with accent borders, to suit the size and shape of your driveway that will instantly update your home.
Download our pdf colour chart for available colour options.


Express your style by choosing from a variety of patterns that will be used as a stamp to create a beautiful, decorative design. Stamps can be used on any concrete surface including driveways, porches, patios, walkways, and steps. The stamps available through PMC are the most requested and most popular patterns to date. If you don’t see the stamp you are looking for, please inquire and we will do our best to find it for you. Stamped concrete can be done using plain grey concrete, however, adding colour will give the stamp a more luxurious finished look that will complement the exterior of your home. Please download our pdf of pattern options for current pattern options.

Another pattern to consider is the hand swirl. Adding a hand swirl technique to finish your concrete is not only unique but adds a slip resistant texture for those wanting a safer walking surface.


A stunning, modern finish that will be the talk of the neighbourhood. With several exposed aggregate options available, this finish will not disappoint! Alone, or paired with stamped decorative borders, this desired finish will instantly update and modernize your home.


Broom finish is a subtle, classic look that is suitable for any concrete project. A broom finish stands the test of time, and is widely used by those looking for a practical, clean finish. Choose plain grey concrete for an economical investment, or upgrade to a custom colour to complement the exterior of your home.


Mostly requested for garage or shop floors, and basements, smooth finished concrete is often chosen with purpose. Smooth finished concrete in basements is an optimal base for when the floor will be covered by other flooring such as carpet, tile, etc. A smooth finish is also requested for garage or shop floors where the floor may be exposed to dust and liquids such as oils and grease. Having a smooth finish, and sealed for protection, will help make clean up faster and easier.


Great for a unique, interior concrete finish, grinding/polishing your existing concrete surface is a technique used to expose beautiful, natural stones, aggregates and sands that are buried in your concrete. Once exposed, the surface is then sealed with a shiny or matte, finished protective clear sealer, to enhance the look. This is a long lasting, and unique choice opposed to covering your concrete with alternative flooring, or using coatings or overlays or even replacing the entire slab. With little or no maintenance, your polished concrete floor will last for years to come.