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PMC Concrete grinding
PMC Concrete
PMC Concrete basement work in progress

High quality, diamond embedded, grinding bits in modern grinding equipment, can tackle the roughest of floors. PMC’s grinding services are instrumental in the repair of damaged or unlevel concrete floors.

Trip hazards can evolve from cracks, pits and spalls from damaged concrete or from concrete that wasn’t finished properly. It is also common for concrete sidewalks to heave due to Ontario freeze/ thaw cycles. PMC can grind these imperfections down, eliminating the trip hazard and allowing wheelchairs, carts, and other items to easily roll over without any issues.

Grinding is an efficient way to remove ugly adhesives and coatings from your concrete floor.  PMC uses the highest quality dust remover, with HEPA filters, reducing 95% of airborne dust and keeping the work area functional at all times.

Removing thin set can be physically demanding and messy. Grinding is an efficient way to remove thin set, leaving a clean, smooth surface that is ready for new flooring.