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Calling PMC is the best way to ensure your concrete is sealed properly, using a quality sealer designed for your specific finish.  

Sealing is the most important part of concrete maintenance and the best protection for your investment. Ensure concrete surfaces are sealed regularly, or at minimum every two years.

Proper and routine sealing will:
-enhance the colour of stamped and exposed aggregate, making it look vibrant and shiny;
-prevent the colour from progressively fading;
-prevent permanent staining left by grease or other chemicals;
-creates a water-proof barrier; and
-ultimately increase the longevity of your driveway

NOTE: Sealing is your best defence against de-icers brought in by your vehicle to your driveway, from driving on city roads in winter.

PMC recommends you refrain from purchasing sealer from general hardware stores as the product is typically sub par, and may even damage your concrete surface. A quality concrete sealer helps maximize protection and lengthens the time between applications. 

Concrete does not need to be slippery. A grip additive can be added to your sealer to provide slip resistance to your concrete surface.

Call PMC to come and seal for you.